Rules for the OFG Roleplay Server

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Rules for the OFG Roleplay Server

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1. You need to obey Admins orders immediately. Not only asap, but at once!
Support only on Teamspeak:

2. The minimum age to play at the OFG-Roleplayserver is commonly 18 years. Exceptions are possible:
four weeks qualifying period with presence at our OFG-Teamspeak while ingame.

3. Have fun! Play fair! Don't be a troll or an asshole!

4. „Bug-Using“, „duping“, „glitching“ oder „hacking“ are strictly forbidden and will get you banned on this server.

5. This is a ROLEPLAY-Server with two PvP-Areas.

6. Bases
a) Bases have to be declared to an admin for registration at the admin-map before start base-building.
b) If you like to build your own base, you have to hold a minimum distance of 1000m to any major cities (e.g. Elektro, Cherno etc.)
and military-areas. The minimum distance to towns (e.g. Vybor), villages, castles and external player-bases is 500m.
NPC-Checkponts with some less tents/barracks are excluded from this rule, but shall not become intergrated to your base, nor be fenced.
c) Any player is allowed to own one base. An estate with house at „Chernopolis“ doesn't count as a base.
The base-area shall not exceed 40x 40m. The fences of the base are allowed to become restocked two times,
but not the watchtowers. One fence has a length of 4m.
It's allowed to use up to 50 fence-parts for a base. A Fence/gate counts as one fence-part, but a watchtower as 11.
You can add up to 30 more fence-parts for any other inhabitant at your base, but these
players will give up their rights to build own bases.
d) Baseraids (Tresspassing an external base already counts as raid!) and/or Kill-On-Side (KoS)
are regulary forbidden and will also get you banned on this server. - No legal limbo, no discussion.
e) If any player is encountered at an external base (Ban following asap!),
it's allowed to attack and kill him immediately without warning. Please tell this incident to an admin.
f) The roleplay-ciy of „Chernopolis“ is not allowed to raid.
g) Camps marked with a „Base-Flag“ (green flag with white stripes and yellow stars) are NOT ALLOWED to raid.
The „Base-Flag“ can be bought at the traders at „Green Mountain“ and „Kumyrna“ and has to be placed near your base-gate,
well viewable for everbody. These flags also prevent your gates and fences from destruction by „Raid-Mines“.

7. Roleplay
a) Play your character according to your backstory, as realistic as possible.
You are not your character, you just play her/him/it. If you will enter a situation you don't know how to handle,
cooperate with the other player and make sure your character will survive the situation as healthy as possible.
You can clear any ambiguitier later at Teamspeak and no one has interrupted the roleplay-situation.
b) If somebody becomes assaulted, it's prohibited to rob all stuff. Stay fair! The victim has to be left at least some food,
drink, bandages and shoes (Not ruined!). After the attacker declared the assault for ended,
the victim is allowed at most 10 minutes, to hunt the robber and take her/him/it down. KoS is permitted.

8. PvP
a) PvP is allowed at the NWA (Limit is the wire fence!) and at Skalisty Island (Radiation zone!).
KoS is permitted inside limits.
b) Only players not using a „Base-Flag“ for their own camp, are allowed to raid other non flagged bases.
If any player owns more than one base, all of her/his/its bases will have to be flagged or even none.
If some players share a base, all bases of this team-up have to be consolidated with „Base-Flags“ or none.
c) External base without a „Base-Flag“ may be raided and torn down.
It is also permitted to use the „Raid-Mines“ at these unflagged bases, buyable at a trader.

9. Dimension of camps and number of storing-slots
a) Number of allowed storing-slots at bases or camps: Don't overact.
Choose a reasonble number that suits your team/faction size.
b) Number of allowed storing-slots at „Chernopolis“ (roleplay-city near „Gorka“): 300.

10. Clothes and Backpacks
Players are not allowed to use clothing with more than 60 slots and backpacks with more than 120 slots.
- Violation of this rule will get you banned on this server.

11. Cars
a) Number of cars allowed to own: Don't overact! Choose a reasonable number that suits your team/faction size.
b) At both safe-/traderzones at „Green Mountain“ and „Kumyrna“ it's strictly forbidden to touch external cars.
Don't empty the inventory, nor steal things or sell to the trader. Violation of this rule will get you banned on the server.

12. Communication at Teamspeak (standard channels without any separated arrangement)
and global Ingame-Chat are Out-Of-Character (OOC) and don't count as roleplay.

These rules are not set in stone and can be changed or extendeded anytime.

The DayZ-Rolepayserver will usually restarts self-acting every 6 hours. Restarts are at 4 a.m., 10 a.m., 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. (GMT +1).

Contact-Persons for our DayZ-Server:
Burschi, Reaper828, Ned Flanders and Doc Brown